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Don't Let Your Trees Grow Wild

Schedule tree trimming services in Baldwyn, Tupelo & Booneville, MS and all surrounding areas

Trees can last for decades on their own, but they still need proper care to stay healthy and grow properly. Top Notch Tree Service provides tree trimming services in Baldwyn, Tupelo & Booneville, MS and surrounding areas so you can keep your trees in tiptop shape.

Tree trimming is useful for:

  • Removing dead branches to stop the spread of decay
  • Shaping trees to make them look more appealing
  • Removing overgrown limbs before they fall or cause the tree to lean

Once we're finished, we can haul off the wood or chop it up into firewood for you. We clean up every job site so you don't have to worry about branches cluttering up your yard.

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Choose a trustworthy tree care company

Trimming a tree requires skilled, steady hands. Tree trimming around power lines, homes and driveways has the potential to cause a lot of damage. Our tree company has a certified arborist on staff and we have the skills and knowledge to safely trim trees in any location. We're fully insured, so you're covered in the event of an accident. Our team is personally trusted by local energy companies to perform tree trimming services around power lines.

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