stump grinding services baldwyn ms

Are Stumps Littering Your Yard?

Remove them with stump grinding services in the Baldwyn, Tupelo & Booneville, MS area

So, you had a tree removed from your yard. But now there's an unsightly stump sticking out and ruining your landscaping. Top Notch Tree Service offers stump grinding services in and around Baldwyn, Tupelo & Booneville, MS so you can remove it.

Our crew will use specialized equipment to grind your stump into chips. We can fully remove the stump and roots and fill in the hole. After we haul away the debris it'll look like there was never a stump at all.

Schedule stump removal services by contacting us today.

There's more than one reason to remove a stump

Visual appeal might be the most popular reason people hire stump removal services, but there are several reasons you should take care of your stump. Consider stump grinding because...

  • Stumps will rot and can spread disease to other plants in your yard
  • Stumps attract pests and can become nests for beetles and termites
  • Stumps are a tripping hazard and are difficult to work around

With stump grinding services, you can make your yard safer and healthier. Get your stump in the Baldwyn & Tupelo, Mississippi area removed by calling us at 662-316-5172.